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The Ultimate Tool for Monitoring Your Origination Process

Make informed grain buying decisions with fast, flexible access to ERP data organized in visually-intuitive dashboards.

Powerful KPI Dashboards Uniquely Designed for Originators


Consolidating contract, scale ticket and app analytic data into a central location, Bushel Insights for Grain Origination presents originators and merchandisers actionable data throughout their operation, from at-a-glance commodity totals all the way down to a specific contract or scale ticket.


Unlock your Data and Gain the Competitive Edge

Bushel Insights for Grain Origination takes contract and scale ticket information from your ERP (and cash bid app analytics from Bushel Inc.) and transforms them to rich visualizations.

Key Dimensions Presented in Focused Dashboards

Easily accessed from your Bushel Hub, Bushel Insights for Grain Origination offers eight potential dashboards that each tell a story about a specific aspect of your origination program:

Grower Management
Identify your top customers by their contracting history, and uncover useful insights like who's down YOY. View by commodity type and location.
Cash Bids Analytics
Identify growers who are viewing cash bids in your mobile app and monitor their usage patterns. Filter cash bid analytics by location or commodity to target growers who may be interested in selling their crops to a specific location.
Contract Management
Compare the latest status of customers, contracts, and bushels contracted versus a prior period. View days since the last contract, the average days between contracts, and which growers are on track or lagging behind on contracted bushels.
Contract History
See up to six years of historical information around contract types, commodities, and bushels contracted by month.
Ticket Management
View your scale tickets by commodity, customer, or location and compare them to a rolling 12-month period.
Ticket History
See up to six years of historical information by customer, commodity, and net bushels delivered date.
Weekly Summaries
See last week's totals of contract and scale ticket data across all locations. Compare the number of new customers, contracts, tickets, bushels contracted, and net weight delivered from the previous week.

Make Data-Driven, Customer Oriented Decisions

Quicker access to contract, scale ticket, and cash bid app data allow you to anticipate, identify, and understand your customer's needs.

Straight-forward Solutions for the Modern Grain Buyer

Customer Benchmarking

Easy access to updated contract history gives you the info you need to make strategic marketing decisions.

Turn-key Implementation

Your Bushel Insights dashboard is fully functional once it’s activated- no complicated configurations or dedicated technical support required.

Inclusive ERP Integrations

Backed by our celebrated Customer Success Team, Bushel Insights for Grain Origination will work with many of the industry’s leading grain accounting systems.

Operational Monitoring Tools

View and filter scale ticket and contract data by customer, date, location, and commodity to get a better view of your origination ownership position.

A Growing Set of Powerful Features


View your data anytime, anywhere - no more VPN or on-premise limitations.

Advanced Filtering

Quickly filter by scale ticket and contract data by customer, date, location, or commodity.


Easily configure, export and share robust reports of your selected data.


Confirm the accuracy of your ERP data and explore the tool's features with a member of our Data Team.


Our development team continues to dive deeper into your ERP to surface more key origination info.

Want to Learn More?

Schedule time with a Customer Success Manager to explore Bushel Insights.