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In today’s technological renaissance, there are more agtech tools available for growers than ever before. The trouble with the boom is that these tools vary in quality, ease of use, price, in addition to dozens of other variables. Bushel-powered apps aim to take the confusion, clunkiness, and disconnect that producers feel today, and to instead bring forward a simple to use, secure, and overall useful tool to improve the way they do business.

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With real time business information at their hands, Bushel-powered producers are empowered to make better, quicker business decisions.

Producers have access to scale tickets, contracts, prepaids, commodity balances, cash bids, market information, and more— all from their phone.

“There wasn’t anyone else that seemed to have the features that we wanted or the right product like Bushel did.”

-Bushel-powered producer

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Bushel-powered producers are never too far from Bushel teammates. We consistently attend grower meetings to come face to face with producers who have questions, comments, and more on their Bushel-powered app. The trade show season in the industry sparks many connections for grower meet up and learnings for our team.

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