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The diversity within the processing industry could stand as its own ecosystem. With various roles, methods, and standards to keep in mind, processors face numerous targets to hit in each sector of their operations. In today’s ever heightening demand for food traceability, these targets are illuminated with more demand for perfection than ever before.

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Bushel is stringing together the different elements of the processing ecosystem to enhance each and every crucial step along the way. With Bushel, processors have the crystal ball of pertinent data they need to power their productions further. Branching from the Bushel platform in Bushel Enterprise, processors can find solutions to any of their various pain points, be it storage information, capacity, grain purchases, or more.

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Bushel-powered processors can feel Bushel’s support for them through the many touch-point meetings made, industry trade shows, on site training, and more.

This is how Bushel can work for the industry


Start customizing Bushel for your business.

2024 State of the Farm Available: U.S. farmers surveyed on ag tech, grain marketing, sustainability, payments, and more.