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Enables growers to view key information on purchased inputs.

An app update is required to enable this feature

We’re excited to introduce a new feature that will help growers keep tabs on their operation’s inputs.


Easily accessed from your app’s navigation menu, Prepaid Contracts provide your growers with a detailed summary of each product they’ve purchased from your facility, including transactional info like how much product has been ordered, and how much has been paid on that balance.


Prepaids help ease the pain of inventory management by providing growers with a holistic representation of stock totals right at their fingertips. The accurate, real-time measurements of product quantities eliminate the hassle of manual calculations and ensures time isn’t wasted on unnecessary resupply runs.


With vital info always handy, your customers won’t need to give you a call to look up input numbers. Instead, your conversations can focus on helping your growers get the most out of their field.


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