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Goodbye Data Entry

Hello time on the lake.

Bushel has partnered with Rain and Hail to make production reporting and claims-processing easy—and fast.

With the help of Bushel, participating policyholders can now have ticket information automatically sent to their insurance agents.

How it works

  1. Growers contact their Rain and Hail agent to initiate the set up. 
  2. A code will be sent to the grower’s phone number
  3. Growers give the code to their Rain and Hail agent

That’s it!

Image of phone screen displaying tickets on app

Now, all of their tickets are being automatically sent to their Rain and Hail agent!

Scale tickets are tracked and stored in real-time, allowing agents and policyholders access to real production data without needing to track and compile the paperwork.

Growers control who has access to their data—safe and securely. 

With Bushel, your data is safe, secure, and ready to be shared when you need to. Because we don’t believe in filling out a health chart everytime you go to the Doctor’s office. 

Talk to your local Rain and Hail office about how to get your growers onboard. 

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