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Granular + Bushel


Help inform your growers if Bushel's integration with Granular

Say Goodbye to Retyping that Scale Ticket

Granular and Bushel are making farm management and profitability analysis easier by eliminating the need to manually enter scale tickets.

Granular and Bushel are making farm management and profitability analysis easier by eliminating the need to manually enter scale tickets.

Granular users generally record all of their grain sales by manually typing in their individual scale tickets. This, however, can be a time-consuming process that opens the door for misplaced documents, mistyped information being entered, and an outdated view on your grain sales. This can significantly impact your profitability analysis and how you do business.

Now, Bushel-powered farmers can focus on more important tasks and eliminate the need for manual entry by sharing information digitally and automatically.

How you can benefit from the Granular + Bushel partnership



Manually entering each scale ticket can be downright time-consuming and labor-intensive. Automated sharing of your production information between your Bushel-powered elevator and your Granular account saves you time and reduces the risk of error.

Accurate & Safe

  • You control who has access to your production information
  • You grant permission within your Granular account before any production information is shared
  • Highest data security standards already built into the app 


  • Under 3 minutes to get connected
  • Production information is already stored in your app
  • No additional usernames or passwords to manage 

See if your elevator has a Bushel-powered app Activate the granular + Bushel partnership in your granular account


Grain facilities

Save time on administrative tasks and help your customers accomplish more with a single application on their phone.


  • Less risk of downtime from searching for lost, illegible production records 
  • Time saved looking up information

Improved Customer Interactions

  • Enhanced business relationship with your farmers 
  • Become ingrained in more aspects of their business
  • Simplifies how farmers can analyze their profitability 
  • Simplifies how farmers can analyze their profitability

Need help spreading the word?

We put together a free marketing kit to equip you to inform your growers of the integration with Granular.

How The Granular + Bushel Partnership Works


First, the farmer logs into their Granular account to activate the Granular + Bushel partnership. Immediately after the farmer chooses to integrate within Granular, they receive a confirmation code texted to their mobile phone. The farmer types this confirmation code into the prompt within Granular and the integration is complete.

After the confirmation code is entered, scale tickets from the Bushel app stream into their Granular account. This information is already stored within the Bushel application in the right format. There’s no other application to download or separate login to remember. And because it’s done digitally, there is less risk of inputting incorrect data and reduces the amount of data entry to be done by hand.

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