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Make An Impact. Make Your Voice Heard.

Take the survey for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card.


Share Your Feedback For A Chance To Win.

Nothing feels better than working with a company that can anticipate your needs while respecting your preferences. That kind of business relationship connects you to the best resources when you need it most and sets the foundation to build your future success upon.

That’s why your input is so important.

Unlike other companies that tell customers what they think is important, we want to understand what you think is the most valuable, helpful, and relevant for your role. After all, your job is tough enough as it is. Your feedback will help us provide the right tools to the right person for the right reason.

In exchange for your time, your name will go into a drawing for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card. When you complete the survey, you’ll be asked for your email address, which will only be used to contact you if you’ve won the drawing.


How We'll Do The Drawing

Once the survey closes at noon on Sept. 18, we’ll randomly pick the winner from all the responses. We’ll contact them using the email that everyone provides at the end of the survey to let them know they won.

If for some reason that person doesn’t respond or reply within a week, we’ll pick another person. So make sure that your email address is correct.


What The Questions Are Like

The first few questions help us understand more about your role at your organization and how long you’ve been there. This is key for letting us know what tools and information you find is most relevant to you.

There are about two questions about smartphone usage. Many of us use smartphones to look up answers, find a contact at a company, watch videos, and even to see what’s going on in the world. Your responses here will help us understand how important mobile is for you while we build new tools to help you.

The rest of the questions simply ask your opinion about what information you think is important. There’s no math. No gotcha questions. We just ask that you be open and honest in your responses.


What Happens To Your Responses

Since we’re asking for your open and honest feedback, we want to keep your responses secret and untraceable. All responses and contact information that you provide in the survey will be kept secret, and we’ll only contact you if you won.

After the survey, we’ll compile and analyze all the responses to help us create resources and tools that better fit your needs and preferences. It’s just one way we can ensure that we’re creating resources with you in mind.

If you have more questions about how we’ll use your responses and email, you can email Chris Hanson at [email protected]

Let us hear from you!

Take the survey for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card.

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