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Smarter Permissions

Manage your team more efficiently and keep sensitive info safe with new user permission levels.

6/26/20 Update: we’ve modified the Reports permission to include the ability to view analytics. If you’re an admin and can’t see your Reports, please update your permissions to include the Reports role.

Responding to customer requests for greater control of data visibility and user management, we’re pleased to introduce enhanced permission levels in the Bushel admin. The new user roles (Global eSign, Data Viewer, Global Send and Reporting) give admins the ability to easily grant more refined permissions to users on their team, ensuring each user has access to an appropriate level of functionality and information. 

Corresponding with the new permission level release, a new page containing app usage analytics will be available for users with the Reporting permission enabled. The Reports page contains a dashboard view of live and historical data showcasing growers’ interaction with your app.

Here’s a breakdown of how permissions align to the new roles:

 AdminGlobal eSignData ViewerGlobal SendReporting
Edit All User Information
Edit All User Permissions
View/manage eSign Docs for All Users
Dataviewer Access
Send Global Notifications
View/Export Reports
View Analytics

Smarter Permissions FAQ

Where can I view/manage new roles?

New permissions are appended to the existing permissions in the User Management page:

Can users be assigned multiple roles?

Yes! Assign your users with as many permission roles as you see fit. 

How will this affect the permissions of existing users?

It will not affect affect current permissions of any customers. However, admins are encouraged to review all users’ role(s) and make any permission changes necessary.

Where can I view my Reports?

If you have the Reporting permission enabled, a new “Reports” tab will be visible in the sidebar. If you aren’t granted reporting permission, you won’t be able to see this tab. 

Where can I go if I have any other questions about permissions?

Please contact your Customer Success Manager with any additional questions. 

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