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29 percent of U.S. farms have no access to the Internet according the USDA report, “Farm Computer Usage and Ownership, 2017.”*  This lack of connectivity means more than just the inability of a steady Facebook connection.

No connection correlates to crucial information being unable to exist in streamlined, digital means. For ag businesses, this translates to lost time, energy, and dollars.

Image of customer using iPad

This connectivity is crucial to operations such as MetaFarms. A solution was needed to provide MetaFarms employees the capability to audit, record, and see real time data on their hogs.

Professional Services by Bushel was there to help.

Image of iPad displaying data


Where MetaFarms brought the feed expertise, the Professional Services team brought the ag-tech.

Partnering together, a powerhouse team was made to incorporate two sides of expertise. Together, a mobile suite to strengthen MetaFarm’s impressive livestock tracking platform was made.

“Professional Services was clearly the best option to rapidly build out a robust enterprise ag strategy to serve the emerging needs of our customers.”



While a new solution was needed, MetaFarms already had an existing CMS that powered their current database.

To create a new answer that provided the offline capability MetaFarms needed, the Professional Services team navigated with MetaFarms’ existing system in order to streamline workflows–– aka, how to make the real-time data “real-time.”

With Xamarin and Xamarin form platforms, the Professional Services team structured two apps for MetaFarms that incorporates the existing structure of MetaFarm’s web CMS.

Metafarms App Video
Image of phone screen displaying data

Project Features

Real-time data

On-the-go auditing

Filtering system

Logging function

With the completion of the MetaFarms project, MetaFarms and the Professional Services team were able to provide intuitive, and functional apps that keep feedlots running–– with or without internet connection.

2024 State of the Farm Available: U.S. farmers surveyed on ag tech, grain marketing, sustainability, payments, and more.