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Turning over new stones and paving paths untrekked is what it takes to stand as a forerunner for any industry. As an industry giant in design, manufacturing, and distribution of compact equipment, the Bobcat Company is propelling the industry forward with this age’s most advantageous weapon– technology.

A useful safety tool within the construction industry.

Image of oculus VR glasses

With long time partner, Bobcat, the Professional Services by Bushel team crafted a proof of concept construction tool:  Bobcat VR

Bobcat VR stood more as a set of Oculous goggles that virtually put users into the scene of operating a Bobcat machine.

Behind Bobcat VR stands the testament of Bobcat’s dedication to innovation, and the creation of tools that give customers the technological advantage they need to get the job done right– and safely.

The development of Bobcat VR entailed serious research and development of virtual reality tools, while keeping the end user in mind. Simplicity and efficiency was key.


The Professional Services R&D team crafted a 360 degree camera system within a Bobcat machine that pipes camera feed over the air to an Oculus headset on a field of view. This tool strings optics and pitfalls together to create a useful safety tool for users.

By slipping on the Oculus headset and pairing the remote control constructed specifically for this project, users are able to view a 360 degree camera angle. From a 1st person view up to 1,500 feet away, the remote control controls the Bobcat machine while its user is able to see the machine through the Oculus headset.

This project would allow users to control a Bobcat through a removed location; prompting safer construction situations.

Tinkering for Innovation

In partnership, Bobcat and Professional Services by Bushel refocused strategies to bring to life a proof of concept tool that could one day become an everyday tool for construction workers.

The future doesn’t seem so far away after all.

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