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Project Manager

Is your ideal world one in which complete order exists and all timelines are met? Do your friends tell you to stop coordinating their sock drawer and organizing their calendars when they’re out of the house? We’re looking for you, order-seeker. Bushel is hiring a driven Project Manager that is ready to take hold of projects from beginning to end, while ensuring all the intricate details in the middle are dotted and crossed. 

The day to day for a Project Manager entails using architectural estimates for Sprint Planning and Timeline development. They move fluidly from development teams to clients, and are not afraid to identify (and remove) blockers from the development process. Bushel Project Managers interact with clients to set up agenda and goal-driven meetings while establishing constant and clear communication between clients and the team. They give the Greek messenger god, Hermes, a run for his money as they relay messages containing demonstrations of works in progress. At the end of a project, a prosperous Bushel PM takes the lead to celebrate project wins and launches.

A successful Bushel PM is the ultimate multitasker. They are a natural leader who excels in relaying project and budget updates to both clients and internal leadership. Time management is a gigantic strength of a PM as they must ensure the project scope is adhered to, and that feature requests are given to the appropriate team members for timely completion. As technology leaders, a Bushel PM should have an understanding of the nuances in software, specifically, project management software needed, such as time tracking tools, project management tools, and resource forecasting tools.

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