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Protect your Margins and Grow Origination

Streamline your workflows, reduce risk, and increase your volume under one trading platform.

Stay organized, hedged, and profitable in volatile markets

Use Bushel Trade to tackle administrative tasks and keep your merchandisers focused on the markets.

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One login to replace your spreadsheets, paper ledgers & separate systems

Bushel Trade digitizes the origination, hedging and contracting tasks that distract your team from building relationships and generating revenue.

  • Protect your position by automatically revising hedges when cash bids/basis are adjusted
  • Eliminate dual entries with worry-free cash bid management and synchronization to your Bushel Mobile app and website
  • Save time and reduce lost orders by automatically creating a contract once an offer is filled
  • Find more bushels by equipping your growers with the mobile feature that lets them make and manage offers

Master Your Merchandising

Consolidate your workflows and get back to building your business


Automatically update existing offers and cash bids in your Bushel Mobile app and Bushel Website.

Auto hedging

Eliminate slippage by automatically updating your hedge when you change your basis.

Automatic contract creation

Filled offers automatically trigger a contract in your ERP, as well as a notification in your grower’s app.

Real-time market data

Capitalize on opportunities by linking futures quotes to real-time market charts.


No limit to the offers you can manage. Manage offers for all commodities – hedgeable and nonhedgeable – in one platform.


Whether you use one or multiple, Bushel Trade works with FCMs around the world, and we manage all your accounts on one screen.

Simplify your Workflows


Grow origination with mobile offers

30%+ offers made in Trade flow through a bushel mobile app

Make it easier to do business with you by letting growers make and manage offers from your Bushel powered app.

Over 30% of offers made in Trade flow through Bushel Mobile app.

  • Set intentional target offers and protect your margins
  • Reduce pricing disputes with in-app offer history
  • Strengthen relationships & drive profitability by empowering growers to execute disciplined marketing strategies

Get ahead of the game

TRIoak foods

Our system reduces slippage, error points, and lost orders

“Bushel Trade streamlines the process of updating basis, managing offers, and purchasing grain. Before we had a few companies doing a piece here and a piece there, now they’re all on the same platform, which is very convenient."
- Jacob Wolken, Trioak foods

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