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Bushel + Rain and Hail

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Streamlined Crop Insurance Experience for All

Bushel enhances production reporting and claims processing for crop insurance

Rain and Hail and Bushel are making production reporting and claims processing easy with digital tools. 

Policyholders generally submit paper scale ticket information to agents by mail or in-person. This, however, can be a slow process that opens the door for misplaced documents, incorrect or outdated information being shared, and long wait times. These can significantly impact your bottom line and how you do business.

Now, policyholders and agents can focus on more important tasks and reduce the risk of misplaced documents by sharing information digitally and automatically.

How you can benefit from the Rain and Hail + Bushel partnership

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Submitting production information to your insurance agent can be time-consuming and messy. Automated sharing of your production information between you and your Rain and Hail crop insurance agent saves you time and reduces the risk of error.

Accurate & Safe

  • You control who has access to your production information
  • You grant permission to your insurance agent before any production information is shared
  • Highest data security standards already built into the app 


  • Under 3 minutes to get connected
  • Production information is already stored in your app
  • CSV functionality allows you to simply share info to your agent

See if your elevator has a Bushel-powered app and then log in to your Rain and Hail policyholder services account.

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Insurance Agents

Set your agency apart from the rest by simplifying reporting and ensuring accurate claims for your policyholders.


  • Activating the integration takes less than 3 minutes with a policyholder
  • No more manual entry. Just verify the scale tickets as they automatically flow into your agent portal.


  • Production information automatically flows from your policyholder’s Bushel app to your Rain and Hail agent portal

See what elevators in your area are Bushel-powered.

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Grain Facilities

Save time on administrative tasks and help your customers accomplish more with a single application on their phone.


  • Less risk of downtime from searching for lost, illegible production records 
  • Time saved looking up information

Improved Customer Interactions

  • Enhanced business relationship with your growers 
  • Become ingrained in more aspects of their business

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We put together a free marketing kit to equip you to inform your growers of the integration with Rain and Hail.

How The Rain and Hail Crop Insurance + Bushel Partnership Works


First, the farmer logs into their Rain and Hail policyholder services account. Under “My Policy Summary” on the home page of their account, they can select “Partner Connections”. From there, they can click on “Bushel Electronic Scale Tickets”.

The farmer’s information is already stored in the Bushel application in the right format. There’s no other application to download or separate login to remember.

Immediately after the farmer clicks “Connect Accounts”, they receive a confirmation code texted to their mobile phone. They enter this confirmation code into the prompt in their portal and the integration is complete.

After the grower accepts the request, scale tickets from the Bushel app stream to the agent’s Rain and Hail portal. This gives them only the important information they need to maintain the policyholder’s account. And because it’s done digitally, there is less risk of inputting incorrect data and reduces the amount of data entry to be done by hand.

Watch the Agent’s Integration

Rain and Hail: Connecting to Bushel

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