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Offer Management System (OMS)

Streamline Your Operation with the Bushel-Powered Offer Management System (OMS)

A paperless, full-service OMS for operations of all sizes.

From offer submission to contract signature, the Bushel-Powered Offer Management System (OMS) redefines how you initiate and manage your offers. It works with any ERP system and is fully integrated with other Bushel products, directly tying your business to your growers and the futures market.

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Why the Offer Management System (OMS) Is a Great Fit For the Grain Industry

Bushel-powered offer management system on a computer desktop.

You take on a lot in a single day. Between contract negotiations, supporting customers, and updating pricing, you could use something to help coordinate updates, simplify tasks, and respond faster to any changes that come your way.

  • Leaner, more efficient workflows
  • Protect your bottom line
  • Greater collaboration with growers


Your career is living proof that time is money. The less time you spend hunting down paper contracts, negotiating orders, and calling experts means you’ll have more time to focus on other tasks that impact your profitability.

      • Less paperwork to manage
      • Place and view an offer anytime, anywhere (coming soon)
      • Marketing decisions made easy

How the Offer Management
System Works

The OMS makes your job easier in more ways than one. After you sign on, the digital platform becomes your single location for managing cash bids, offers, and hedging, in addition to updating your Bushel powered app and website(s). The OMS eliminates the need to cross reference multiple spreadsheets and customer notes, letting you focus on the bigger tasks at hand.

Less Hassle for Merchandisers

Increased Transparency For Growers

Once they open the application, growers experience what makes the OMS such a valuable tool. Syncing with the grain facility’s information, the app shows them what offers they have and the status of those offers. That way, they can focus on their job and save phone conversations for key business questions.

Exclusive Features of the
Bushel-Powered Offer
Management System (OMS)

One-Stop Cash Bid Management

Enter your cash bids in the OMS, and populate cash bids in your Bushel-powered app and website. No logging into multiple platforms or databases required.

Universal Commodity Management

Don’t limit what offers you can manage. Manage offers for all commodities – hedgeable and nonhedgeable – in one platform.

Zero-Touch Working Order Adjustments

Automatically cancel or replace a futures offer when the basis changes.

Increased Offer Transparency

Merchandisers and growers can easily view offer price, quantity, and status visible, regardless of who entered the information into the system.

Work With Any FCM In One Digital Platform

Easily manage your futures orders across multiple FCMs within a single digital platform.

Reduce Slippage

Slash your error and omission points and increase your bushel value. Ensure your position is always exact with a platform that adjusts and manages offers in any environment.

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