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Bushel-Powered App

Your company, your app

Backed by the powerful Bushel platform, you provide producers with accurate, realtime information right from your accounting system. Spend less time fielding clerical phone calls and get down to business faster by starting the conversation informed.

Your business relationships, powered by Bushel.

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Welcome to the bushel family!

Sublette, Prairie Ag Partners, Roggen Farmers’ Elevator, KAAPA Ethanol, North Prairie Ag, Heritage Cooperative

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Your brand

It’s your brand seen throughout the app. Your elevator is recognized as a market leader, giving growers even more reason to do business with you.

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Your growers know how much they have delivered and how much they need to deliver.

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Scale tickets

Your producers have access to their tickets in real-time. Tickets are easy to understand and track.

What people are saying

“It’s fun to look back at our journey of adopting Bushel. Our growers weren’t demanding the technology when we decided to move forward with it. But now? Our growers are telling us they don’t know how they ever operated without it.”

– John, CFO, Arthur Companies

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easy to use

No more messy usernames or passwords to remember.

Our patent-pending login system eliminates top grower barriers, and keeps them logged in for a whole year.

“Our growers are saving time which saves us time, because they already know the information they need at a touch of a button.”

– Jen, controller, Valley United Coop

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Producer Usage

Grower adoption is our #1 measure of success on the Bushel platform, and Bushel-powered apps are used with industry leading results. With an aggressive goal of 50% adoption, we’ve seen producer adoption as high as 100% for Bushel-powered grain facilities.

That’s 50% smarter, better informed conversations with your grower base. The best news? Bushel helps you get the adoption you want. Our Customer Success team supplies you with tracking tools and adoption driving resources.

Get My Growers Using Bushel

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Grains, Feed, Livestock and Ethanol listed in order of your preference. Provided by CME, CBOT, or MGEX.

CME Futures Data included with Bushel subscription.

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cash bids

Producers can view locations’ cash bids in real-time through your Bushel-powered app, making faster grain marketing decisions.


Bushel integrates into your accounting software to provide growers with real account information. We have a whole team dedicated to get you up and running, and you don’t pay until your app is on the store.

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data security

We implement best practices to ensure the security, privacy, and integrity of your customer data. It’s privacy, by design.

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commodity balances

Real-time inventory for your producers provides balances of commodities across locations.

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Up-to-date information on fertilizers, seeds, chemicals, and other agronomy purchases. With updated information, you’ll be providing the best prices for your producers.

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Sign and send legal contracts anytime, from anywhere with eSign.

Is out-of-the-box not for you? Expand upon the Bushel Platform with custom solutions providing the results you need.  It’s Bushel Enterprise.

Go Enterprise

Coming Soon

We’re always planning for the future and working on making your Bushel-powered app more useful. Here’s a peek at what’s in the pipeline.

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Reduce accounts receivable days with quicker delivery of statements. Keep growers informed of their balance, seeing balances and statements faster than traditional mailing method and limiting doubtful accounts .

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Delivering information pertinent to growers’ revenue forecasting

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See farming operations at a higher level with long-awaited summaries pages. Glanceable operation information.

Bushel-powered Apps are enabling better conversations with your producers while saving you money on hard costs and lost time. Get down to business faster by starting the conversation informed.


Get integrated with Bushel for free.