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Bushel Mobile

Digitize Your Scale Tickets

Scale tickets are still a vital part of grain transactions. Rather than printing them on paper, sending a digital copy allows your producers to access that information on their mobile device and easily share that information with other business partners.


Connect Deliveries to the Field with Field Names on Scale Tickets

Allow producers to add, edit and manage field names to individual or multiple scale tickets in the Bushel Mobile app. Use the scale ticket detail page to assign a field name (or names) directly to the associated ticket to provide vital data for calculating profitability, estimating input costs, reporting taxable income, and more.


Offer More Insights With Ticket Summaries

Aggregate and display data from multiple scale tickets to help monitor crop performance and inform marketing decisions. With ticket summaries, growers can easily filter tickets by commodity, delivery term, account and more to view a summary of essential delivery information.


Verify Deliveries With Outbound Scale Tickets

A must-have feature for processors, outbound scale tickets give growers/integrators digital documentation of purchase and delivery information on all of your products that have left our facility.

What else can you do with Bushel Mobile?

Outbound Scale Tickets are one of Bushel Mobile’s many features. View the entire list of features to see what other jobs that it can help you tackle.

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