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Invoices for
Bushel Mobile

Easy Access to Expense Information for You and Your Growers

No more hassle when a grower calls to request a missing paper invoice – Bushel invoices let growers view their financial obligations wherever they are, providing essential transaction records to inform farm management strategies and keep track of the bottom line.

Why Grain Companies are Using Invoices


PROMOTE TRANSPARENCY and Relationship Building

Build customer loyalty and increase retention by delivering point-of-sale information directly to their mobile device, enhancing your mobile offering with valuable data essential for budgeting and forecasting.


Better Invoice Viewing and Management

Retailers rejoice! You finally have a simple, straightforward way to view and interact with your invoices. See all invoice attributes in an intuitive interface that allows you to search by phone number or account ID directly from your Bushel Admin tool.


Delivery tickets are viewable alongside invoices in the list view and are automatically added to the associated invoice when processed, ensuring proper documentation of the transaction’s lifecycle.

How invoices Works with Other Tools from Bushel.

Customer invoices are available for your retailers or agronomists to view inside the Bushel Admin tool – the secure administrator portal built to communicate with growers and manage your customer data.

Learn More About Invoices

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