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Bushel Web Portal

The Bushel Mobile experience built for larger screens and more complex tasks.

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What is the Bushel Web Portal?

The desktop companion to your mobile app, the web portal gives growers enhanced control of their account information, making it the perfect tool for tackling more complex activities like signing contracts and exporting records.

Why Others Are Using Bushel Web Portal

Grain merchandiser at work

For Managers

Add more value to your offering while increasing grower interaction points with an intuitive desktop experience.

Grain merchandiser discussing data with a customer

For Originators and Merchandisers

Your web portal gives growers and web portal administrators access to the same intuitive user experience. When you see what your growers see, you’re equipped to provide better advice and support.

How the Bushel Web Portal Works

Like your Bushel Mobile offering, the Bushel web portal connects to your ERP system and provides access to grower data. But where your mobile app lets growers manage their business on the go, the web portal removes constraints imposed by a smaller screen, giving users more visibility and control.

Features and Benefits of
Bushel Web Portal

Your Bushel web portal comes with administrative backend access that looks and operates just like your growers’ site. When you see what your growers see, you’re equipped to offer better advice and support, saving time, strengthening relationships, and increasing retention. Additionally, your web portal provides:

  • Easy access to grower account records
  • More points of contact for your business
  • Self-service opportunities for your growers to perform tasks independently

Frequently Asked Questions

New and Most-Used Features


Aggregate scale ticket data into at-a-glance insights for quick analysis.

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cash bid/futures bookmarks

Bookmark your preferred cash bid locations and futures for quick, convenient access next time you log in.

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