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Bushel Mobile

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Increasing your productivity and effectiveness as an ag business is key for all tools that we offer. That’s why we’re always improving and adding features to help you and your farmers get more done in a day. Here’s what you can do with Bushel Mobile at your company.

Feature and Benefits of
Bushel Mobile.



If you’re using Bushel Trade, you can make it easy to receive and manage offers from your Bushel Mobile users.

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Electronic contract signature feature for Bushel Mobile

eSign Documents

Have farmers sign documents right from their mobile device with the optional eSign feature.

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Electronic grain contract feature for Bushel Mobile


Let your farmers know how much they delivered and how much is left.

Digital scale tickets for Bushel Mobile

Scale Tickets

Give your farmers real-time access to digital scale tickets that are easy to understand and track.

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Digital cash bids feature for Bushel Mobile

Cash Bids

Show your locations’ cash bids in real-time through your Bushel Mobile app.

Digital work order feature for Bushel Mobile

Work Orders

Let farmers see when pesticides, fertilizer or another product applied to their field.

Digital delivery tickets feature for Bushel Mobile

Delivery Tickets

Quickly show farmers any products that they’ve picked up from one of your locations.

Commodity futures feature for Bushel Mobile


Show market prices for grain, feed, livestock, and ethanol on your Bushel Mobile application.

Digital commodity balances feature for Bushel Mobile

Commodity Balances

Provide your farmers real-time inventory to show balances of commodities across locations.

Agronomy features for Bushel Mobile

Prepaids and Bookings

Provide the best prices for your farmers by providing current prices for fertilizers, seeds, chemicals, and other agronomy purchases.

Digital settlement information feature for Bushel Mobile


Help farmers forecast revenue by providing settlement information on their mobile device.

Digital push notification feature of Bushel Mobile

Push Notifications

Send notifications from your Bushel Admin system to all or a specific group of farmers.


Outbound Scale Tickets

Enhance your processing logistics with realtime access to outbound purchase and delivery information.

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Let farmers view their financial obligations wherever they are, providing essential transaction records to keep track of the bottom line.

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Bushel Website screenshot

Bushel Website

Manage cash bids, provide commentary, and more through a self-serve spot online.

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Manage cash bids, offers, and hedging within a single digital location.

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Graphic about security for Bushel Mobile

Data Security

Safeguard your farmers’ information and privacy with Bushel Mobile. We implement best practices in all our products to keep data from falling into the wrong hands.

Customized branding on three Bushel Mobile applications for grain companies, grain elevators, and grain processors.

Customized Branding

Customize your Bushel Mobile app to reflect your company’s brand, giving your company a professional-looking tool that stands out among others.

Easy log-in feature for farmers, producers on Bushel Mobile

Easy Login

No need to help farmers remember login IDs or passwords. Bushel Mobile keeps them logged in for a whole year by having them enter information that they already know, such as a phone number.

Bushel success team helps customer with a Bushel product.

Dedicated Success Teams

Your success doesn’t stop with the sale. Every Bushel tool grants you access to our customer success team who helps with training team members, getting farmers to sign up, and providing ongoing insights about how to best use your new tools.

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