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Simplify your Commercial Grain Sales

Improve your merchandising decisions and track grain sales faster with Bushel Fulfillment

Solving commercial grain’s supply chain challenges

Bushel Fulfillment lets you monitor shipments and automate proof-of-delivery records to stay one step ahead.

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Keep track of your deliveries in real-time and protect your margins


An intuitive web portal that displays your scale tickets in near-real time, so you can:

  • Identify missing bushels faster
  • Reduce denied deliveries
  • Reduce contract overrun and shortages
  • Maintain great relationships with your counterparties
  • Better manage credit limits
  • Mitigate the impact of uncertainty

Anticipate and resolve disruptions in your commercial grain sales

scale tickets

Avoid tracking down paper scale tickets, calling counterparties for confirmation of delivery, and denied deliveries with a near real-time feed of scale tickets from your counterparty’s ERP.

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Reduce over-shipping, spot contracts, or calling your counterparty for an updated contract balance with visual indicators of a contract’s fulfillment status.

Identify problems faster and respond proactively

Use the web portal to set contract and grade factor rules that automatically send notifications to your team once the conditions are met.

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Grade Factors


Alert your team when a delivery exceeds discount thresholds with customizable notifications that shield you from margin-negative discounts.

Contracts Desktop



Inform your team when a contract reaches a certain status or when a new spot contract is created to avoid over/under shipping, and ensure a more accurate trading position.

Streamline your commercial sales and save

Join the Bushel Fulfillment™ pilot program today and take advantage of introductory pricing.


Free your settlement team from administrative busy work


Consolidate your commercial partner’s tickets into a scheduled proof of delivery email so you can:

  • Reduce manual scale ticket entry
  • Settle farmers and truckers faster
  • Eliminate paperwork processing challenges
  • Reduce mistakes or disputes on tickets

Automate ticket reconciliation and accelerate your cash flow


Same-Day Scale Ticket Receipts

Receive scale ticket information the moment a shipment is processed by your counterparty’s ERP.


Ready-to-Upload File Formats

Scale ticket information is delivered to you via email, prepared for import into any ERP system.

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