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Streamline Agreements, Payments and Processes Beyond Grain

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Optimize Your Entire Business

How many tools do you use to publish bids, manage offers, execute contracts, pay your growers, and support the ag retail side of your business?

What if you could digitize end-to-end for all of your agribusiness experiences?

Check out our suite of digital tools that not only streamline your grain business, but extend to all aspects of the agribusiness for a comprehensive solution.

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Enhance Your Team’s Value

Give your team digital tools that increase their productivity within your existing workflows. With Bushel, you can streamline agreements, payments and processes beyond grain.

  • Leverage push notifications to keep farmers in-the-know
  • Digitize all processes that require agreements with eSign
  • Validate your customer’s identity, track signatures and receive completed contracts instantly with eSign
  • Send and receive money with secure digital payments
  • Grow revenue by linking to your ag retail order form

Our tools allow you to conduct business, directly with your farmers, day or night.

Inform, educate, and influence your customer via mobile or web

Streamline Your Ag Retail Agreements, Payments and Process

Stay Connected with Farmers: Send tailored push notifications about special offers, sales, and updates. Target customers by location, groups, or individual preferences and schedule messages in advance.

Simplify Agreements: Employ eSign to distribute work orders, crop plans, bookings, and prepaid contracts, streamlining the agreement process for both parties.

Effortless Payments: Enable farmers to make one-time payments or pay invoices, helping them reduce outstanding receivables while minimizing debt and interest.

Graphic depicting components of Ag Retail tools.

Managing Your Ag Retail Business

Visit with a Bushel representative to learn how you can maximize your digital tools to support more areas of your ag business.

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We want to know more about your ag retail business.

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