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End of Year Questions for Grain Merchandisers



The turning of the calendar year brings along a natural time of reflection, planning, and goal setting. We rounded up some questions to reflect upon as you strategize and plan your best year yet: next year. 

What are some ways you could improve offer management?

When the market is so volatile and so fast, offers are the best way for farmers to capture opportunities. Mobile offers allow benefits to both agribusinesses and their farmers including greater visibility, reduced risk of errors, increased convenience, and time savings. 

Offers enable the elevator to plan budgets, manage logistics, plan & make sales, and manage inventories. Additionally, offers impact volumes. The magic with offers is that the farmer is making a conscious commitment to sell you the bushels if the price hits. That is the first important step towards owning that grain. 


What percentage of your time is represented by administrative tasks with your customers?

Think about what you (or your team) could focus your time on if you weren’t managing administrative tasks, and consider where automation could improve your productivity.

Instead of relying upon our merchandisers to perform administrative work (and let’s be honest, these admin tasks are a necessity for the best outcomes), let’s empower them with digital tools that offer near real-time contract balances, the ability to set customized notifications for rejected or out-of-spec loads, and the efficiency of viewing commercial sales across buyers in one, simple interface. 


How would increased visibility impact your decision making?

When it comes to making informed merchandising decisions, near real-time access to your grain deliveries and contracts are essential in identifying and resolving errors quickly. 

Keeping your communication nimble and your commercial sales monitored means you’re ready for whatever tomorrow brings.


Bonus Question: What goals do you have for 2024? Increased handle? Number of Growers? Etc.

Think about the last year…what was most successful and where do you have opportunities for growth? In a volatile environment goals may change throughout the year, and that is okay! That is all the more reason to set goals now, and have ongoing check-ins throughout the year.

If any of these questions resonate with you, view resources on what Bushel can do to create more efficiency and visibility in your daily tasks, or contact us to see how we can help. 



2024 State of the Farm Available: U.S. farmers surveyed on ag tech, grain marketing, sustainability, payments, and more.