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Simplifying documentation and verification for Climate-Smart projects

We are hearing from several companies who were awarded grant funding through the USDA’s Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities program that need help figuring out how to execute on their project plans. 

Consolidating paper forms with spreadsheets alongside available machine data can be daunting for both farmers and administrators to easily enroll and verify climate-smart practices. Because Bushel has spent the last five years developing the grain industry’s digital infrastructure, our software is already in the hands of farmers and can plug and play with your program without the need to spend grant funding to rebuild the wheel.

We can make it easy for farmers and project owners to:

  • Organize and share on-farm data, managing permissions for both farmers and administrators along the way
  • Reduce friction to boost enrollment in climate smart program
  • Permission field records to move via API into MRVs such as Regrow, Nori, CIBO, and more
  • Prove grain delivery with scale tickets moving digitally through our Production API 
  • Pay farmers and partners digitally and sustainably, without paper checks and trucks on the road

Let’s set aside 30 minutes to explore how Bushel can help you. Let’s chat!

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