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Beginning of the Year Questions for Grain Admins and Accounting Teams



The turning of the calendar year brings along a natural time of reflection, planning, and goal setting. We rounded up some questions to reflect upon as you strategize and plan your best year yet: 2024. 

  1. How do you manage and store scale tickets?

Scale ticket management is a reconciliation pain for growers and can become an administrative issue for elevators. Consider how you might improve your grower’s experience so that you are fielding fewer account lookup questions.

Scale tickets are still a vital part of grain transactions. Rather than printing them on paper, sending a digital copy allows your producers to access that information on their mobile devices and easily share that information with other business partners.

2. What is your current turnaround time for sending and receiving contracts? 

It can take days or weeks to get a contract signed, leaving you at risk. When you’re trying to blaze through your tasks for the day, sending paper contracts can feel like a major speed bump. Skip the printer. Store those envelopes. Save yourself time and your grain business money by sending electronic contracts.

Did you know that 90% of eSign contracts sent via Bushel Mobile™  are signed digitally? Learn more about eSign for Bushel Mobile here.

3. Are there ways you can create efficiencies in your payment processes?

Bushel has built money movement into our existing admin tool so you can provide an easy, convenient, and secure payment experience between your accounting team and your farmers.

Here are just a few benefits of utilizing Bushel Payments:

  • Immediate access to funds and realize working capital faster: move money within the digital ecosystem, transferring fund ownership in real-time
  • Fast and simple process: eliminate lengthy and manual steps to serve customers quickly and with ease
  • Secure alternative to paper checks and ACH: leverage the latest tokenization technology to protect sensitive account information, mitigating risk for both you and your customers

Contact us to learn more about the ways that Bushel can help you mitigate tasks that don’t add value to your work day and maximize your time spent strengthening relationships with your growers.

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