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6 End of Year Questions for Grain Managers




The turning of the calendar year brings along a natural time of reflection, planning, and goal setting. We rounded up some questions to reflect upon as you strategize and plan your best year yet: next year. 


  1. Do you take firm offers today? How? Have you had any issues? Who manages the offers/hedges, what else do they do? 
  2. What’s the current turnaround timing for sent contracts? Who all is involved in getting those done? Why does it take that long?
  3. How often are your merchandisers fielding calls from grain sellers regarding questions on current contracts or grain deliveries? What percentage of your merchandisers’ time is represented by administrative tasks with your customers? What could your merchandisers focus their time on if they weren’t managing these administrative tasks?
  4. Where do you see the need for added efficiencies in your process? What would those efficiencies mean for your team, business, you?
  5. What tools do you use to collect payments? Who is responsible for collecting vs. making payments? What % of payments are ACH vs. Paper Check today? How often do you have an issue printing or mailing your checks?

Bonus Question: What goals do you have for 2023? Increased handle? Number of Growers? Etc. Are you looking to increase your grower count or increase your bushels from your current growers?

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