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5 End of Year Questions for Grain Admins and Accounting Teams

The turning of the calendar year brings along a natural time of reflection, planning, and goal setting. We rounded up some questions to reflect upon as you strategize and plan your best year yet: next year. 

  1. Scale ticket management is a reconciliation pain for growers and can become an administrative issue for elevators. Where do you manage and store scale tickets? Where do your growers manage, store, and view their scale tickets? How might you improve your grower’s experience, so that you are fielding less account lookup questions?
  2. For truck sales, how are you getting tickets for reconciliation and payment today? How often are there mistakes or disputes on tickets?
  3. It can take days or weeks to get a contract signed, leaving you at risk. What is your current turnaround timing for sent contracts? Why does it take that long? Who all is involved in getting those done
  4. Where do you see the need for added efficiencies in your process? What would you be able to do with saved time? What would reduced risk mean for your business?
  5. What would happen if you didn’t do anything and kept the process the same?

Bonus Question: What tools do you use to collect payments? Who is responsible for collecting vs. making payments? How often do you have an issue printing or mailing your checks?

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