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Jake Joraanstad Attends Brainstorm Tech Roundtable



In July, CEO, Jake Joraanstad, was invited to join leaders from Mulesoft, Sounding Board, PepsiCo Foods of North America, and Johnson & Johnson to attend a Fortune Brainstorm Tech 2022 roundtable. Brainstorm Tech’s event brings the world’s top business leaders, policy makers and experts together. These leaders, according to Fortune, are said to be the top entrepreneurs within the tech industry. 

Throughout the round table, the leaders discussed the following:

  • Designing products and services for an open scale market in order to fit for the fast changes within the tech industry.
  • Designing those open scale services and products to be readily available in the future. 
  • Driving digital transformation within each leader’s business.
  • Adoption to problem solving and how different businesses have gone about it.
  • Designing vertical software that works on different platforms.

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