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Chatting with United Ag

“I wish we would have known then, that we’d have this level of trust with Bushel and with our producers,” said Lindsey Bowers, Grain Merchandiser at United Ag

United Ag is located in El Campo, Texas, about 90 miles outside of Houston. They operate a 6.4 million bushel grain storage facility, two cotton gins, four agricultural supply stores, and a custom bagging operation for deer corn and cracked corn (puff corn). 

United Ag knew they needed a digital tool to get information to their producers. Their first attempt at offering a mobile app resulted in low adoption rates. It did not have an intuitive user experience and did not provide the critical information needed day in and day out. 

“It didn’t offer nearly the same flexibility as the Bushel app. One thing I love about Bushel is that our producers are able to see their loads immediately,” Bowers said. “We have always aligned very well with Bushel, because of the fact that our core values are the same.”

Jimmy Roppolo is the General Manager, going on his 35th year at United Ag. “I try to challenge my staff to think of ways to better serve our members so they can rely on us more,” Roppolo said. “I want to be able to take the cooperative to a different level and I think working with Bushel will help us get there.”

Bowers talked about how they have the capability in-house to send out tickets and updates via email to their customers. However, the Bushel Mobile app made this process tremendously easier. “They kind of just took everything that I wanted and put it in a very user-friendly app.”

Bushel Mobile aims to strengthen the relationship between the grain facility and the farmers. From Bowers experience, it’s all about effective communication. She uses the app for mass communication purposes. Being able to put information out to all farmers simultaneously allows her to have follow-up conversations with individual farmers without having to repeat the main message. 

“I found a lot of value in that they’re willing to go the extra mile for my farmer just like I am,” Bowers said.

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