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New Improvements to Help Monitor eSign Contract Status

When it comes to getting growers to sign on the dotted line in a grain sale, it’s no secret that eSign is the superior alternative to paper contracts. eSign saves time and money, mitigates risk, creates audit trails and more, making it an essential tool in the grain buyer’s tech stack.

At Bushel, we’re big fans of eSign as well, so our team has added a couple of new enhancements that’ll keep you in the loop on an eSign contract’s status, leading to more captured signatures and less wasted time and frustration.

eSign status updates

We’ve added the “viewed” state to the eSign status categories. Now you’ll be able to see contracts that are out for signature, viewed and completed. Shedding light into who’s viewed their contract (and hasn’t signed it) confirms an important factor that has legal implications in contract enforcement. Plus, it’s filterable, so you can quickly build a call list of growers to reach out to.

eSign email notifications

This update also allows you to assign email notifications to the contract sender when someone has successfully signed a contract. Configurable in the Bushel Admin tool, these notifications deliver essential contract details every time a contract is signed, giving you peace of mind that the contract is in full effect. For each signed contract, you’ll receive an email with the grain seller’s name, account ID, contract ID, who created the contract, date and time of signature and a link to the eSign contract.

We hope you find immediate value in these updates. If you’d like to read more about the many benefits of eSign – and how it works in Bushel’s contracting and origination workflow – click here

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