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2021 Year End Product Review

A year ago at this time, nations worldwide were reeling from the devastating impacts of the pandemic and bracing for an uncertain future. Fewer industries were impacted more than agriculture. COVID-19 created massive disruptions in markets and supply chains, testing the resilience of the men and women called to feed the world.

Twelve months later, that resolve remains unbroken. According to the USDA, “the fundamentals of U.S. agriculture are sufficiently strong to withstand the crisis.”

Inspired by the ingenuity and determination of those in the grain supply chain, our goal in 2021 was to build products that would streamline workflows, promote data-based decisions, and strengthen relationships with your customers.

Here’s how we did it:

Bushel Trade™ – Digitizing Offers
In 2021, nearly $80,000,000 of working offers were submitted through Bushel Trade, a powerful cash bid, offer, and hedge management system that seamlessly integrates with the Bushel ecosystem. With Bushel Trade, grain buyers can easily publish their cash bids to their Bushel Mobile and Bushel Website with just a few clicks and receive real working offers from growers through their mobile app.

Bushel Insights™ – Identifying Opportunities
Back in July, we released Bushel Insights – the fast, flexible way to access and analyze customer grain accounts. Bushel Insights unlocks the information in your ERP to help quickly discover origination opportunities and provide data-backed marketing advice for your growers. Although some customers already benefit from Insights, the platform is being improved to make the experience an invaluable one for originators in 2022.

Bushel Fulfillment™ – Verifying Deliveries
Bushel Fulfillment eliminates the tedious manual processes required to track and document scale ticket data from deliveries to 3rd party facilities on the Bushel network. No more waiting for tickets to arrive in the mail for your commercial grain sales – Fulfillment makes it easy with same-day, automated email records that can easily import into your ERP.

Bushel Mobile™ – Powering Potential
Continued updates and enhancements to the Bushel platform ensure you’re providing your customers with the most secure, value-added mobile experience out there. In 2021, that included new data points, partnerships, and integrations to continue to connect the grain industry through digital infrastructure.

Thank you for your trust and perseverance in 2021. We can’t wait to deliver for you in 2022.

Happy Holidays,