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Bushel celebrates 10 years in Arthur, ND

When we started planning for our 10 year celebration, we looked for ways to reflect our core values: curiosity, empathy and camaraderie. Myriad Mobile was founded in 2011 and rebranded as Bushel in 2017 as we focused on mobile and software technologies for the grain industry.

The support from our local community, our customers and the members of our amazing team are what have boosted Bushel to the 10-year-mark. 10 years in business is a big deal, and even though it’s the first time around for Ryan and me, we really appreciate all the work and lessons learned it’s taken to get us here. We are thankful for all of the people who have helped, trusted us, and guided us to continue the important work we’re doing,”

–  Jake Joraanstad, CEO & Co-Founder


What better way than a Company Field Day/Picnic in Arthur, N.D. One of the first customers to sign onto Bushel Mobile was The Arthur Companies. Our team had the opportunity to not just gather together, but to visit a local grain elevator. This helps remind us of the physical process to unload and transport grain to help us better empathize with all of our customers. We want to design smarter systems for our customers to help them do their jobs better.

That customer focus is part of the success for Bushel reaching this milestone. According to Investopedia, only 10% of startups make it to year 10. More than 20% don’t make it past year one. From The Arthur Companies first chance on us, to now reaching 2,000 locations in the U.S. & Canada, and 40% of the grain origination in the U.S. Bushel continues to grow not just in revenue but in team numbers and the number of growers engaged with their grain buying facilities through the Bushel platform.


“The picnic was an incredible opportunity for so many of our teammates to just BE TOGETHER. Many of our remote teammates were in Fargo for the entire week, and it was incredible to be able to meet them in person and have face to face conversations! There was also something really unique and special about gathering in the hub of where our business happens. I walked away with so much more of an appreciation for what we are working towards in our day to day operations” 

Shannon B, Designer


I love you all, but mostly I was excited to see your babies….I’m kiiiiiinda joking. But seeing our teammates with their people is especially sweet for me.”

Allison V. Director of Organizational Development


“Being able to see the breadth of the team — in a setting that represents who we serve — was the ultimate connection in seeing the community Bushel has created. Learning more about ag, breaking bread together, and just being with each other strung together the magic of our culture. P.S. AND THE PIE WAS AMAZING!”

Maddie L, Marketing Manager

“For someone that didn’t grow up around farmers and has lived a primarily urban existence, I really appreciated the immersive nature of the elevator tour and just being in Arthur to celebrate with friends and colleagues. It allowed me to look past the 1s and 0s of my world, and absorb a genuine, authentic representation of the people we aim to serve.”

Ann Marie P, Business Strategy Lead


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