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App Engagement Comparison


How engaging is Bushel Mobile™ compared to those in similar industries and what does that mean for a grain buyer?

Bushel Mobile™ is out-performing other utility apps in the marketplace in various metrics, showing that producers are using their grain facility’s app at high return rates, for long sessions, and over a long retention time — due to the benefits they receive. Producers contracting bushels and looking at cash bids on Bushel Mobile™ are directly interacting with their local grain buyer, at any time or place, without additional resources put forth by the business. Investing in Bushel Mobile™ means elevating your business to a more-easily-accessible platform, increasing your competitiveness, and furthering your connectivity with producers.


More Returns to the App = More “Conversations”

With its array of abilities to view ticket transactions and balances of commodities and prepaids, check cash and futures prices, and sign contracts, Bushel Mobile™ can be compared to a personal utility app that is tailored to producers’ agriculture-specific needs. In the 2018 Mobile App Engagement Index Leanplum reports that users of personal finance apps are “the quickest to return,” logging in every 8.21 days, or around 3 to 4 times a month. Producers using Bushel Mobile™ are using their apps 11 days a month, outpacing the usage rate of other finance apps almost four times over. Each time a producer uses Bushel Mobile™, they are conversing with your business, at their convenience and yours.

More Time Spent on the App: = More Time in One-on-one Interaction

Producers are not exchanging more frequent log-ins for less time spent utilizing Bushel Mobile™. On the contrary, Bushel Mobile™ has an average time spent per use within reach (1 minute 42 seconds) of the 2 minutes and 6 seconds average finance app session time given by the 2018 Mobile Engagement Index. Producers using Bushel Mobile™ see similar value in time spent using the app as do the users of common finance apps — a promising statistic for grain buyers looking to engage more with producers.

More Retention of Producers Using the App = More Long-term Relationships

Finally, producers are not losing interest in Bushel Mobile™ long-term, as it has outstanding retention rates. Localytics reports that business/technology and eCommerce apps retain about 29% of users after 3 months. Bushel Mobile™ performs better with 35% of users continuing to login and engage with the app over the same time span. Given past success of Bushel clients, Bushel Mobile™ has the potential to be adopted by over 90% of a grain buyer’s producers, fortifying a whole company’s worth of buyer-seller relationships for many growing seasons to come.

Compared to similar-functioning apps, Bushel Mobile™ engages users more often, for similar-duration sessions, and for greater long-term use.

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