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The Ultimate Spring Planting Podcast Playlist


Within the coming weeks, many agribusinesses are gearing up for planting season. Whether it means driving out to visit customers as they aim to get planting, or hopping in the tractor yourself, spring planting is a volatile time for agribusinesses.

Through the hustle and bustle, enjoy an #AgTwitter curated podcast playlist showcasing some gold nugget ag podcast episodes. As a disclaimer, we have shamelessly included a few podcasts Bushel has been featured in — we’re biased, what can we say. Happy planting!

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The Playlist

Elevators Cut: There’s An App for That 

“The guys chat with CEO/Co-Founder of Bushel Jake Joraanstad, and Chief Market Officer Camille Grade to discuss the way technology is improving the grain business. We hear about the story of this Fargo based Ag-Tech firm and what they are doing to make the grain elevator and farmer relationship more transparent and streamlined. We also discuss what’s out there on the horizon for technology advancements in the years to come.”

Farm Bits: Episode 18 Driving the Grain Economy Forward 

“Ryan Raguse, President and Co-Founder of Bushel, joins the FarmBits podcast for this episode to explain the challenges faced by the ag supply chain and how Bushel is addressing those challenges from a digital perspective to push the industry into a digitized, value-added future.”

The Modern Acre: 152 Our 2020 Takeaways and Lessons Learned

“Tim and Tyler are back with the final episode of The Modern Acre podcast of 2020. We talk through our biggest takeaways and lessons learned from this year, including our thoughts on the ag industry, our farm, and personal takeaways. Tune in and have a great new year! Thanks for listening!”

Farm Bits: Episode 20 The Case for Connectivity  

“Dr. John Fulton re-joins the FarmBits podcast to talk about a critical topic in agriculture right now: connectivity. This episode marks the beginning of a series focused on connectivity and is intended to make the case for why connectivity is so critical to the future of agriculture, and specifically digital agriculture.”

Successful Farming: Episode 67 Weather and weed control – past, present and future 

“Farmers have been fighting weeds for as long as they’ve been planting crops. DeAnna Thomas talks with Dr. Aaron Hager at the University of Illinois about digging into past studies on weed control, and how current weather patterns are altering the plans of attack.”

Agritalk April 1

“Lance Honig, crops branch chief at USDA-NASS, joins us to answer a few questions, including “how did you come up with that number?” Then we catch up with Jessica Kolterman to see how Lincoln Premium Poultry, providers of chicken for Costco stores, has been doing during the pandemic.”

Farm4Fun: With Jerod McDaniel

“We spend a great early evening talking with Jerod McDaniel of the Ag Uncensored Podcast. We learn about his family, his farm, and what makes the man go. Buckle up for a truly motivating episode as we go for a ride with Jerod!”

Field Work: The Bleeding Edge

“Several Washington County families trace their conservation interests back decades. For Rob Stout and Darrell Steele, their dads’ interest in conservation primed them to be open to the idea of no-till. Still, getting it to work took a lot of perseverance through various failures.”

Elevators Cut: Interview with Chad Felderhoff

“What does grain merchandising, family business transition, and dog food have in common? More than you might think. Join the guys as Chad takes us down his professional pathway and sheds some light on that ol grain business chestnut, “its different around here.” (Spoiler Alert: it ain’t)”

Successful Farming: Episode 64 Marketing Strategies for the Recent Grain Rally

“Producers get dollar signs in their eyes when there’s a rally in the grain market. Successful Farming’s Marketing Editor, Mike McGinnis, and Al Kluis of Kluis Commodity Advisors have advice on strategies to help you benefit from those rallies. This includes what you should do, and what you should NOT do.”

Farm4Profit: Talking Combines in the Spring

“First we talk with Bill Dickhut the President of Geringhoff about what’s working in agriculture. We then move in to a conversation with Combine Ryan about all the things we need to be thinking about now to make sure we are ready to rock ‘n roll come harvest season.”

Field Work: The Down-low from D.C. 

“The Biden administration has ambitious climate mitigation goals, and agriculture has been called upon to be a strong partner. USDA Secretary Tom Vilsack led the department throughout the Obama years and is back at the helm. He talks with Mitchell and Zach about consumer demands for sustainably grown food, how to develop carbon markets that serve farmers first, the need to create more opportunity to sell what’s currently considered waste, and how farmers can make sure their interests are part of any future plans and policies.”

Elevators Cut: Widening Your Horizons or is it Narrowing

“Ashley Bettenhausen (@TheFarmWifey) joins the guys all the way from up north to share her trials and triumphs as a female grain originator from a non-ag background. And of course, she sets the record straight on just exactly how proper spread terminology do.”

Agritalk April 5

“U.S. Representative Sam Graves (MO-06) joins us to discuss the new Infrastructure Bill, including the elements directed towards transportation, and some of the rumors on how to pay for it all. Plus Greg Peterson – Machinery Pete – gives us his Pick of the Week and talks about a variety of upcoming auctions.”



For the entire list, be sure to check out the playlist directly on Spotify. 

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