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National Ag Day 2021


This time of year, producers across the country have pre-game jitters. As they mentally prepare for another year of playing the high-stakes game of farming and ranching, one of the only constants is uncertainty. 

Their input suppliers and grain merchandisers are right there with them, helping to mitigate some of this uncertainty by providing services that include sale and delivery of inputs, marketing and risk management advice, crop advising, and more. Bushel is happy to serve 1700+ grain facilities across the U.S. and Canada in their endeavor to help producers navigate each new year with optimism, expert advice, and proper tools. 

Working in the ag industry is not without its challenges. Producers and agribusinesses are driven by an inner “why” – a reason for making their best effort each day to offset those challenges felt in the industry. For National Ag Day, we’d like to highlight the “why” of our customers in their own words. We provide the digital tools, but it’s our agribusinesses that are out there each day bringing their goals to fruition. 

Here are a few of the “whys” from Bushel customers: 

“It was the farmers coming together and deciding, hey we need to do something together. They made investments to have a more centralized location where they could pool their goods for purchasing and pool their grain to sell together and hopefully get better markets – which is why we’re in business. That’s what we try to do.” – Mark Sunderman, President, Legacy Farmers Cooperative

“We’re bringing everything we can to the table for the producer to help mitigate their risk.” – Troy Presley, Grain Division Manager, CoMark Equity Alliance

“We have to be able to support the farmer in a lot of different ways – by providing him a market, a place to deliver his grain. And we have to be able to do that day in and day out all through the fall.” Chad Rosebrook, Marketing Manager, Legacy Farmers Cooperative

“Innovation has always been a part of the farming culture. We have to make sure we’re staying on top of that to provide for our customers.” John Melland, CFO, The Arthur Companies

Happy National Ag Day to all members of the agriculture community. Bushel is proud to serve this industry. 



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