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Why You Should Consider Updating Your Tools In Spring For A Successful Fall

With warming temperatures, producers across the country are gearing up for another planting season. We all know how fast spring turns into harvest. In light of this, spring is the time for agribusinesses to prepare for harvest by setting a foundation for successful and efficient staff-to-producer interactions.

Like many emergency responders, managers, merchandisers, and originators are “on call” through the rest of the year. They need to be ready to jump into action if market prices change or something unexpected happens at their location. Markets are likely to continue to experience periods of volatility. As crop estimates are reported throughout the growing season and macro-political events influence the agricultural sphere, agribusinesses are there to assist producers in marketing the rest of this year’s grain and some of next year’s bushels too. 

When markets reverse or start trending higher or lower than expected, you know how busy it can get with phone calls, emails, and text messages to and from producers. Even when you get prices locked in with a group of producers, leaving the office to get contract signatures can impact how fast you can respond if the market changes. And when you don’t have the right tools in place, it becomes nearly impossible to look up a producer’s information if they’re calling you that minute to talk about their contracts with your organization. 

It’s not always convenient or feasible for producers to stop their operation to sign contracts in-person at one of your locations. We all know they all want to continue working in the field, multitasking on their phones, and taking calls as they come in. A delay for them might make it more likely they miss an ideal target price or incur a penalty for missing a contract deadline. They want tools that can help them do more in the field from the cab of their equipment. 

So what kind of tools should you be thinking about getting in place now to help you and your producers navigate a volatile market together? Knowing what to look for is the first step.

You need tools that help your team communicate faster, increase their availability, and help reduce the risk of costly errors. 

Faster Communication

In rapidly-changing market conditions, faster communication is the ideal way to expedite decisions. With Bushel, information flows seamlessly from your agribusiness to the producer’s phone app or their online login. Push notifications and emails facilitated through Bushel technology keep all communication in one place. 

Your agribusiness can communicate grain receiving hours, market updates,  dockage information, and other important updates directly to producers through push notifications. Agribusinesses can choose options such as a global send or a certain segment of the customer base, such as producers who deliver to a certain elevator. Push notifications lead the producer right into your app, rather than getting clumped in with hundreds of emails or texts. The valuable information won’t be lost or forgotten about, and the producer is engaging directly with your agribusiness.

Sharing Accurate Information

Accuracy is highly valued by your business and the producer. At a quick glance on an old computer screen, an 8 can look like a 3, or a decimal point can look like it’s entered in the right location when it’s not. Bushel technology displays this information clearly through a user-friendly interface for both the producer and the agribusiness staff. If an error has occurred, both the staff member and the producer can see it in real-time, and an adjustment can be made immediately, rather than months down the road when reviewing paper scale tickets or contracts. Reducing errors through greater visibility saves time and money and fosters continued trust with your producers. 

Increasing Availability

Staff are more available to producers through Bushel’s mobile tools. Making trips out to fields all day can leave deals left on the table elsewhere. A digital solution creates another point of contact for producers and staff to access each other and furthermore, finalize deals. 

A grain merchandiser can send a contract from their desk to the producer’s phone using a Bushel mobile app. In just one pass down the field, the producer can review the contract and approve it right from their phone through the Bushel app’s eSign capability. Mobile access to contracts allows producers to focus on planting, growing, and harvesting their crops without having to leave the field. Neither party has to dig up paperwork in this situation, and the contract is filed on time and with ease.

Another way Bushel’s tools can dramatically change an agribusiness’ availability this harvest is through the new and improved Failed Login Report. When a producer uses their phone number to facilitate an app login and the login fails, it is included in the report sent to agribusiness staff. This report acts as a lead sheet and a customer success tool. Existing producers can be assisted in setting up their login, and new leads can be pursued as those producers have shown interest in the agribusiness’ offerings by making the effort to download the app and access the information.

As farmers start planting and look towards harvest, so should agribusinesses begin thinking about how to enhance their business operations with the right tools. Benefits such as eSign, push notifications, clear visibility of data, and overall ease of use in a Bushel mobile app can transform the way your agribusiness does business with producers in busy seasons and fast-changing markets. 

It’s not too late for this scenario to be a reality for your agribusiness this fall. Contact us today to get a demo scheduled for agribusiness.

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