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Bushel Collaborates with TraceHarvest Network

Bushel participated in a pilot program with Bayer Crop Science, BlockApps, a participating grain facility, and a small set of volunteer producers. Bushel was able to properly-permission and securely share account information to the TraceHarvest platform to validate production records for involved parties.


“Blockchain technology is already revolutionizing the agriculture industry, and we’re leading the way thanks to our partnership with Bayer Crop Science which has turned this concept from idea into reality.”

– Kieren James-Lubin, President and CEO at BlockApps

What is the TraceHarvest Network?

The BlockApps TraceHarvest Network is the first blockchain solution of its kind to track and trace the full lifecycle of agricultural products. Producers, manufacturers, distributors, and processors can selectively share and review data within a single, secure platform, making these activities available to the entire chain. This helps streamline interactions between buyer and seller and helps address product tracking and integrity issues faster than manual processes. It also has the potential to use for carbon offset crediting to food safety recalls, promoting sustainability and consumer well-being.

Learn About TraceHarvest

"Bushel provides the digital infrastructure to power tools and services that add economic value to farmers, grain buyers, and agribusinesses across the agriculture supply chain. This collaboration with TraceHarvest and Bayer Crop Science strengthens our ability to make good on our promises to properly connect and protect data, add value to farmers and agribusinesses, and agnostically power new possibilities in agriculture."
- Jake Joraanstad, CEO, Bushel

TraceHarvest Versus Manual Tracking

Current analog processes create significant costs in labor and resources, and fail to deliver the data that farmers and others within the value chain need. This can increase the risk of compliance violations across the supply chain in multiple geographies. TraceHarvest brings agricultural products to market faster, helps safely launch new products in approved regions, and traces them accurately to provide strong proof of compliance with international regulations.

“By enabling the traceability of products throughout the food supply chain, TraceHarvest will provide a basis for new solutions and services around the food quality and transparency questions that are top-of-mind for farmers and consumers.”

– Sascha Israel, CIO and Head of Digital Transformation at Bayer Crop Science.

How TraceHarvest Works

The TraceHarvest Network uses BlockApps’ cloud-agnostic STRATO platform. It’s a blockchain solution for building and running business networks with built-in security. This network then allows users the ability to track and trace agriculture products starting from the seed source. For products like seed, this provides a full picture of stewardship as they are sold, exchanged, planted, harvested, and processed.

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