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Bushel Update For COVID-19 Outbreak

Updated March 16, 2020: We added our internal email that we sent to employees.


We hope this message finds you and your loved ones safe and well. We wanted to take a moment to share what the Bushel office will look like for the next couple of weeks, and more importantly, what this means for you as our Bushel customers and partners.

Mandatory Work From Home For Team Members

By the close of business Monday, March 16, we are implementing mandatory work from home for all team members. This is in effect for a minimum of two weeks. Beyond that is to be determined, and we will monitor the situation and communicate appropriately. We have also asked all employees to curtail all non-essential travel for the time being. 

No Disruption Expected

Thankfully, our team is already optimized for and comfortable with remote work, so you won’t experience any disruption. While Bushel team members will be working from their homes to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, there will be no change in the support, service, or experience for you and your interaction with Bushel. Bushel’s technology is situated to work without interruption and can all be maintained remotely. 

We’re Here To Support You

Most importantly, we’re here to help support your business during this time. We will continue responding to you to deliver on promises and timelines as our staff remains healthy and able. You can continue to interact with us and work with us in the same way you always have.

Our Bushel customers are using their Bushel-powered apps to communicate to their growers about COVID-19, including advising limited in-person contact at their grain facilities. Please contact our team if you would like us to help with any communications during this time. We know the importance of face-to-face relationships but we know there are times when other communication channels must supplement.

Let’s keep our teams and communities healthy and embrace living in a time where efficient and effective remote work is a possibility. Wishing good health to you and those around you.

Be well,

Team Bushel (all 177 of us!)

We intend to update this page as updates are needed. Stay tuned.

Internal Communication Sent to Bushel Team Members Saturday, March 14, at 8:49 p.m.

Bushel team,

It’s Saturday evening and I hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend. I have worked with the leadership team to make sure what we’re sharing below is as clear as possible. Thanks to Eric and others for helping with this plan. Because of this great team we have, it’s much more clear than my email a few weeks ago regarding office space 🙂 

By the close of business Monday, March 16, we are implementing mandatory work from home for all team members.

In many ways, coming to the office is a social gathering that is not unlike a sporting event or concert. For Bushel, our home state of North Dakota has one confirmed coronavirus case and we will do our part to not contribute to more of those numbers. By doing so, we also serve to protect our team members, our customers, and our business alike. We are fortunate to be a technology company with amazing resources that allow us to adjust with minimal impact.

This is in effect for a minimum of two weeks. Beyond that is to be determined, and we will monitor the situation and communicate appropriately.

Between Sunday (if you’d prefer less of the hustle and bustle) and Monday, please commence packing up your work areas and transitioning to a work from home environment. At minimum, think about taking your LUMPS (thanks again to Eric for the incredible marketing skills).

  • Laptop / keyboard / mouse
  • USB hub
  • Monitor / cables / desk mount (if needed)
  • Power pack
  • Stationery / supplies

On Tuesday, March 17, the office will remain open for anything you may have forgotten or realized to have missed. This also provides a chance to work through things like VPN, Zoom, Hangouts, or other critical communication issues.

By Wednesday, March 18, the office will be closed to all traffic except as approved by leadership. If you need to be in the office on Wednesday or thereafter, please communicate with your Senior Leadership Team member so we can maintain control of the building and traceability of who is in or out. Traceability is in case someone were to come in that was later found to be COVID positive, thereby prompting us to close and sanitize while potentially informing others.

A work from home transition survey is going out to all team members. Please take a few minutes to fill it out and we’ll use your responses to understand needs and concerns that you have for this transition. The survey is not anonymous…we want to know who you are, so we can assist as necessary.

Beyond the location, working from home is no different than working in the office. The hours, pay, and expectations are the same. There will still be meetings, check-ins, etc. However, they’re now virtual instead of face-to-face. The one caveat is that school closures will mandate additional flexibility for some, which we’ll make together as needed.

You are amazing leaders and all of us at Bushel are here for you, just as we need you to be there for us and each other. In the meantime, enjoy the short commute and keep rockin’ at Bushel!

To the future,


The Bushel Leadership Team

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