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Meet Bushel’s New Director of Customer Success




Tell us about yourself. Why did you choose Bushel as your new home?

I grew up on a small farm in a small town in central Minnesota. My family owned a dairy farm, so I grew up around dairy cattle. We had some acreage that we farmed on to feed the cattle. I definitely learned a lot of the work ethic and the values and morals that come along with farming, and it’s something I hold near and dear to my heart even today.

I started at Bushel in January of this year as the Director of Customer Experience. I was interested in Bushel because of the work they’ve done in this community…they’re a tech startup company that’s thriving and doing well. There’s a lot of momentum with the product they’ve built and how they’re changing the landscape for the agricultural industry. I seen that, and was very interested in the product and the work that they’ve been doing. And with my previous customer experience background and managing various customer support and dispute teams, I was excited in the role.

What’s your customer service philosophy?

My customer service philosophy comes from a servicing background where you always want to be there to support the customer, so that they can be successful in the products we’re creating for them. Using that to then take the customer’s feedback through their experiences with the product, and then working through the organization and the different teams to use the customer’s voice to make enhancements, and all-in-all make it a better experience all around. So it’s a mixture of always being there to support the customer, but also being the voice of the customer in the organization.

What can customers expect for 2020?

As many of you know, Bushel announced the closing of a large investment round back in December of last year. As part of that investment, Bushel will be investing in the technology behind the product, to help advance tech within the ag industry. But Bushel also recognized that we need to invest in our existing customers as well.

Some of our first customers maybe didn’t get the level of support and service that we would expect as the company. So we’re making that investment in our customers this year as well.

We’ve doubled our customer success team in the last few months. So what that means to you as a customer is that each Bushel customer will receive one dedicated Customer Success Manager. That Customer Success Manager is responsible for the relationship that you as a customer has with Bushel.

What can customers do to ensure your team is meeting and exceeding their expectations?

We’re really here to be a consultant for you. We want to get to know you, to know your business. And we want to work with you so ultimately Bushel can be successful for you.

So as we go into the next few weeks, look forward to a reach out from one of your Customer Success Managers. We ask that when that happens, you’re an active participant in the conversation with us. We want to get to know you, and we want to work with you.

Be willing to work with us, be willing to get to know us. Ask us the hard questions about our product and about tech, and we’ll be here to get the answers. We’ll be here to help show you what Bushel can do for you, and how Bushel can be successful with you.

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