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Bushel and Granular Collaborate

Collaboration aims to minimize data entry for smarter, faster business decisions

FARGO, NORTH DAKOTA Bushel, an innovative provider of grain industry software, and Granular, a leading Farm Management Software platform, have announced an agreement to collaborate, streamlining farmers grain management and marketing tasks. This initiative will create a connection between the Bushel platform, which supports over 1,200+ grain receiving locations around the United States and Canada, and Granular’s Farm Management Software which serves more than 10 million farmer acres.

Both companies will be devoting engineering resources to minimize farmers’ data entry and their need to manually track scale tickets and settlement sheets. As a result, growers leveraging both Bushel and Granular software will now have a secure connection to account information from their Bushel-powered grain facility, automatically delivering real-time critical grain and financial information and enabling better business decisions. The connection will be controlled by a secure, permission-based workflow initiated and controlled solely by the grower. A beta launch is planned for February 2020.

“Bushel believes that farmers and the grain companies they do business with deserve technologies that continue to strengthen their business relationship,” said Jake Joraanstad, CEO of Bushel. “The ability to close data loops across the supply chain helps all parties involved in the buying and selling of grain. Bushel is eager to partner with companies like Granular who share this like-minded approach. We will continue to invest in opportunities that accelerate digital connectivity for the agriculture value chain.”

With a mission to connect and enhance the grain industry through digital infrastructure, Bushel software provides real-time account information directly to growers by integrating into a grain facility’s accounting system and market feeds. Offered through grain facility-branded apps, Bushel powers real-time scale tickets, contracts, commodity balances, futures, prepaids, cash bids, e-sign and contract management.

“We’ve been listening to farmers, and compiling harvest data in an efficient and accurate way is one of the biggest pain points and possible loss of profit they face during the busy harvest season,” said Sid Gorham, CEO of Granular and President of Corteva’s Digital Platform. “By teaming up with Bushel, farmers who run their operations on Granular will now have a more secure, accurate data connection between the combine and the grain facility, helping them to make smarter, faster business decisions that we believe will have a positive impact on their bottom line. We believe this digital connection will advance the grain marketing and ag retail ecosystem by increasing transparency and efficiency within the supply chain.”



What is it?
Bushel and Granular have agreed to collaborate to link growers with scale tickets, contracts, and settlement information. Growers can securely permission their account information to be shared from their Bushel-powered grain facility app into their Granular Business farm management system. This integration eliminates redundant, manual entry of scale ticket, contract, and settlement information.

How does it work?
Bushel offers an API integration with Granular Business farm management software. Through this integration, growers who subscribe to Granular Business can more efficiently and accurately capture their grain marketing and selling information by automatically importing scale ticket data, contract information, and settlements from any of their Bushel-powered grain facilities.

What is required of the grower?
1) An active account on participating Bushel-powered grain facility apps
2) An active account on Granular Business with comprehensively set up Fields, Equipment, Inventory, Inventory Locations, and Harvest Tasks
3) The grower is the only stakeholder who can choose to permission their account information between Bushel and Granular Business.

What is required of the grain facility?
Bushel-powered grain facilities are not required to take any action to allow the data connection to take place for the grower. The grain facility’s subscription to Bushel empowers and enables their growers to initiate a data connection with Granular Business. This is a service offering that the grain facility can provide to their growers who utilize Granular Business farm management software.

Why is it beneficial?
By having a streamlined connection between Bushel and Granular, growers save time and eliminate errors on scale tickets, contracts, and settlement.

Who controls the data connection?
The grower is solely responsible for connecting their data between Bushel and Granular Business. No data is shared without the explicit consent and permission of the grower.

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