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Reconnecting: Trade Show Season


Bushel joins other ag businesses at dozens of trade shows and conferences during the winter months.

As our industry’s trade show season ramps up, it can get easy to get caught up in the logistics of the events. Airports, registration lines, hotels bookings, etc., tend to smudge the true point of why we get together each year during ag’s downtime: to connect. 

These trade shows and conferences that we book our calendars for and endure the headaches of winter travel spotlight a unique characteristic of our ag industry–– relationships mean something when doing business together. 

From a seasoned trade show warrior, Bushel Account Executive, Alex Potter, brings to light how trade shows have evolved, yet remained innately the same. 

“Country Elevator Conference came and went in a flash. As always, CEC is one of my favorite events of the year. The evolution of the event is hard to go unnoticed. 3 years ago we were the new kids on the block and had nothing but opportunity to connect with prospective customers–– because we didn’t have any at the time. 

But this being my 3rd time attending, year over year I find myself talking with more customers than not. Each has nothing but good things to say about our tools for their farmers. The only critiques are how we can make the tools better! Which is what we should always be striving for! 

Year over year CEC feels more like a reunion, and is always a great opportunity for us to visit with customers in person.”

Here’s to building those connections and enhancing relationships with those we do business with. Have a safe and successful trade show season to all in the industry. 

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