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Post-It Masterpieces


Sticky notes are a common sight around the Bushel office.

Quick and easy to use, our teams members often jot down thoughts, observations, and ideas that are used to solve problems and create new Bushel-powered capabilities. 

Sticky notes also make great drawing pads for the ideas that words can’t quite capture. Bryce Rehder, a project manager at Bushel, started doodling farm-themed drawings on sticky notes just for fun. His drawings quickly caught the eye of our design team, who are always looking for more agriculture-themed content for our channels. 

Bryce was then commissioned to capture, in his own signature style, the images that come to mind when one thinks of a farmstead or grain facility.

Now Bushel has an array of custom-made clipart images that you can see around the website and in other publications. Just another way the Bushel team is creating solutions to even the smallest problem.

Below are a few fan favorites of Bryce’s work. Enjoy!



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