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Working Together: Bushel-powered Web & Apps

Bushel data analytics reveal growers using Bushel-powered Websites and Bushel-powered Apps for different lengths of time, and at different frequencies. 


When analyzing one Bushel-powered grain facility to see what this means for the utility of the services they’re providing their growers, particular differences came to light. From this insight, it’s revealed how Bushel-powered Apps and websites serve unique roles in how growers are getting the data they need for their businesses. 


Bushel-powered App = short sessions & many screens.


The mobile Bushel-powered App is preferred for shorter sessions, at 1:01 minutes per session. In each session, growers are viewing more screens than web-based sessions, with 2.34 screens per session. Growers are using the app for cash bids, contract details, ticket lists, and more –– the information they want quickly. Previously, this information was what they had to log into a computer for, or if they were out and about, call the local grain facility to have access to. Now they’re taking a minute on the app to get what they need ––  while saving phone calls for more informed conversations.


Bushel-powered Websites = browsing in detail.


Growers are saving web browsing for when they have a little more time. They’re using Bushel-powered Web capabilities for longer sessions than the app, at average session times of 1:57 minutes. They’re spending more time on each page browsing for greater-detailed information, equating less pages than Bushel-powered Apps, at 1.86 pages per session. Less pages for longer amounts of time translates to growers preferring Bushel-powered Websites for browsing, whereas Bushel-powered Apps are reserved for quick, sought out information. 


App = growers returning again & again. 


Loyalty to the app is strong, as nearly all app users are returning users. Core growers will come back to the app again and again to access their information.


Web = new folks, too.


Bushel-powered Websites have a wider audience, receiving more new visitors than returning visitors. Discovery of a company and their services happens on the web, but returning visitors still make up over a third of the web site’s visitors. Bushel-powered Web pages are bringing in new traffic, while still providing pertinent information to interested growers.


Growers’ usage of Bushel-powered Web and Bushel-powered Apps for distinct time periods and use cases demonstrates the benefits of having a well-rounded online presence as a grain merchandiser. Providing growers with access to their information via both their phone and computer is an effective and fundamental way to serve growers.

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