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Bushel-Powered: The Arthur Companies

97%  of total growers logged in


That’s right.

Bushel-powered grain facility, The Arthur Companies, hails a near 100% total of all growers utilizing their app. That’s nearly their entire reach accessing real-time tickets, contracts, cash bids, and more each day.


While many have been accessing their information, it’s notable that they are not only doing a quick glance –– they’re digging into their data. This speaks towards the impressive average time session of The Arthur Companies app. With 1 minute and 44 seconds, the time spent in The Arthur Companies app is comparable to social media app usage rates.


“It’s fun to look back at our journey of adopting Bushel. Our
growers weren’t demanding the technology when we decided
to move forward with it. But now? Our growers are telling usthey don’t know how they ever operated without it.



Discover how else The Arthur Companies is finding success in providing an engaging, and useful tool for their growers.


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