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Push Notifications & Market Engagement

Foster engagement with your Bushel-powered app by utilizing Bushel’s powerful push notifications.


The grain industry has for years relied on text messages to deliver cash bid messages. Poor formatting, distribution from unfamiliar phone numbers, and inconsistent delivery, now that carriers can block numbers from suspicious mass-message senders, have some grain companies looking for other, more customizable delivery options. 


Market Engagement

With Bushel-powered apps, producers are able to browse futures and cash bids at any time of the day or night—not just at market open when messages usually go out. Cash bids remains the #1 most viewed feature of Bushel-powered apps at an average session length of 2:12, and futures second-most-viewed in frequency with average session of 2:14 minutes in length. 


Session averages like these are more indicative of social media usage than your average utility app. 


To further enhance the Grain Merchandiser’s workflow, Bushel gives powerful push notification capabilities, often used to alert producers of important fluctuations in the market. New functionality enhancements allow Grain Merchandisers and admins the ability to send messages to segments of users by location, logged in users, or global send. Character limits have been extended with formatted links and subject lines. 


Producers are receiving branded messages straight to their phone, driving producers to your prices and contract offers.


Boosting Engagement

Push notifications are known to increase engagement within apps. Pertinent, timely push notifications deliver messages directly to producers with your familiar and trusted brandingboosting app engagement by 88% in industry standards


When users regularly receive push notifications, 65% return to the app within 30 days. Sending notifications from the app guides users directly to the information they are interested inin a branded, secure, and personal way.


See how other grain facilities are sending push notifications from the Bushel platform:


[Remote receiving location] is back up and running!


[Grain Facility Location] will be closing at 1pm on Friday for maintenance. We will be unable to dump trucks after 1pm Friday. Thank you


Corn hours for Monday are 7am-12pm


Please review and sign contracts that you might have. Questions? Give us a call at 000-000-0000


Spring Wheat      -.85 July -.02 @ $4.51

Soybeans          -1.40 Aug -.13 @ $7.69

Corn                   -.80 July -.08 @ $3.62

Canola                      -.12 @ $14.61


Read more about Bushel’s recent push notification enhancements here.

Talk to your Customer Success Manager to share ways that push notifications are working for you and your producers. 

Happy notifying!

Bushel-Powered Grain Marketer and Grower in Ohio


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 Business2Community, “The growing importance of mobile app push notifications”



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