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Notification Updates

The Bushel team is excited to announce requested feature improvements to Push Notifications! Bushel Admin users can now schedule notifications for the future, include links, and send targeted messages.


Read to see all updates to the notification interface.


Send Targeted Messages

The list of locations has been removed from the right hand panel and will be searchable in the “To” field.

  1. ‘Global Send’ will send to all users, regardless if they are logged in or not.
  2. Use ‘All Locations’ if you want to send to all logged in users.
  3. Or, get specific by typing an individual or location name. Clicking with add as a recipient.


Include a Link

Bushel Admin users can add a button link to their Push Notifications. 

  1. Adding a link is optional. If you choose to add a URL, you must fill in the Button Text field as well. (Ex. Click Here)



Bushel Admin users are able to schedule push notifications for a future time and date.

  1. When composing, users can choose to schedule a push notification for a future time and date, including ability to select a timezone. 
  2. When submitted, the push notification will appear in the scheduled section of the notifications center.
  3. After the push notification has been sent, it can be found at the top of the sent field. 


Happy notifying!

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