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Bushel-Powered: Siebert Equity Co-op & Scoular Grain App

For Siebert Equity, shipping commodities means more than just transporting items one way or the other. It’s what makes the difference between a completed job, or a big, big mess. By utilizing the Bushel-powered Scoular GrainView app, companies like Siebert Equity are able to witness an enhancement in their logistics in addition to becoming more error resistant.

Siebert Equity’s operation includes the shipping and tracking of different commodities with the contracts they are applied to. It gets problematic when contracts don’t match up with shipments, and payments have been made on the wrong contract. Reconciling these mistakes can take months to discover—until now.

“By having the Scoular app, I have been able to catch cars being put on a different contract than I sent them as. Being able to catch these in a timely manner helps to prevent mass confusion down the road.”

Now, companies like Siebert Equity can see a faulty contract and fix it months before it becomes a real problem. Powered by the Bushel platform, the Scoular GrainView app is bringing real-time contracts, cash bids, futures, commodity balances and eSign to its producers anytime, anywhere.

Smoother operations, powered by Bushel.

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