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Integrations Spec Sheet Success Story

Integrations are hard.

Connecting the dots from various grain facilities’ accounting systems to the hands of growers in the form of near real-time scale tickets, contracts, and commodity balances is a complex feat. There’s a reason why this access hasn’t been easily available before–– it’s really difficult.

That’s where our integrations team comes in. We have a team of Engineers, Testers, and Integration Coordinators that are going to work hard to get you up and running. While we do the heavy lifting, you’ll find that you also have homework during this time.

This homework is an essential part of making Bushel-powered apps come alive, with what we call the completion of our Integrations Spec Sheet. Customers are given this Spec Sheet that requires answering questions on their operations’ technological and general information. Simply put, the quicker the homework is completed, the quicker the finished app will be released.

A shining moment in our integration process has been the quickest turnaround to date. One of our Colorado based Bushel-powered customers completed their entire fill-out of information in one business day. This includes the set up of their Apple & Google Play stores. The set up of the stores can arguably be one of the more challenging portions of the set up for our customers, so the completion of this chunk in one business day is an extraordinary accomplishment. Because of this set up, in addition to the other completed pieces of information, this customer was able to reserve their spot for development.

Perhaps the most inspiring learning from this win has been the drive of this particular customer. There was no designated IT employee assigned to complete this work; rather, it was the grain facility’s GM who took the time to crank out all the information.

Moments like this truly inspire our team on the tenacity our customers have to get hard work done, even if it’s a bit out of their typical comfort zone. You’re providing a game changing service for your growers by setting them up to access their business information. With a little work at first, you’re giving your producers a hell of a lot more in the long run.

To learn more on how you can prepare for your upcoming integration, download the Integration Spec Sheet.

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