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Veracode Report Review



Bushel is proud to announce the results from the acclaimed Veracode Application Security Report with a score of 98 of 100.

Veracode Security provides standards and policies for organizations to measure their own practices against. The Veracode Security Report includes an array of testing procedures in order to probe all aspects of the application. Bushel was tested under the Static Analysis test.

The Static Analysis test consists of “static binary analysis engine models the binary executable into an intermediate representation, which is then verified for security flaws using a set of automated security scans” (Veracode Report).

This security method inspects executables and identify security findings in applications. Veracode analyzes these findings, producing a comprehensive report that includes proposed remediations.

Bushel received 0 suggested remediations.

Bushel participating in an opt-in third-party audit shows our commitment to data security and remaining bleeding edge in industry best practices. See more of Bushel’s security practices.


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