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3 Ways Bushel Is the Most Secure App For Your Ag Data

There are thousands of agriculture apps existing in the world today, for thousands of different reasons while all promising thousands of benefits. It can be a needle in a haystack situation finding reliable apps that uphold the strict security standards farmers and grain facilities have when involving their information.

While many mobile apps out there are truly helpful for farm management, not all apps are created equally, especially, within security standards. Security is at the forefront of every decision on the Bushel platform. We believe that one of those best practices is transparency. Here’s how we’re ensuring the highest level of security within your Bushel-powered app in 3 ways:

  • Login process
  • Cloud based
  • Secure development practices 

Login Process

The Bushel login process is different from many other apps for an important reason: security. To login to a Bushel-powered app, growers type in their phone number that already is in their grain facility’s database. Each grower account is tied to their phone number so the grower would never receive an authorization code if they tried logging into their neighbor’s account.

Each authorization code is unique and expires after 5 minutes, while a password may remain the same for a long period of time and is guessable and hackable as many users pick insecure easy to remember passwords. Growers are only required to log into the app with the authorization code once per year. They can log out at anytime.

Cloud Based

It’s an ambiguous thought, “the cloud.” What is it? In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive.  While on-premise data appears to be safer as it is physically closer to you, cloud based data is better shielded from insidious threats.

By utilizing a cloud based infrastructure, your data is protected. The single sign on system is also used to access our databases. The database is encrypted at rest. A select few people have access to our production database, and it is only accessible from our internal network.

Secure Development Practices

There are numerous other precautions taken to protect data that comes within the Bushel cloud. Our production team takes great care to maintain the highest security standards within the industry. With frequent code reviews, not one, but many expert eyes are reviewing strands of code to ensure that each line is hacker proof. Multiple different security management and version control systems are implemented into the development process in order to double, triple, and quadruple protect any code coming in and out of the cloud. Our development team has stacked experience in mitigation of attack vectors such as XSS, SQL injection, and many other threats.

Through and through, security comes to the forefront of what we stand for. We believe that partnerships are built with trust, which is why we spend countless hours researching and implementing best practices to ensure the security, privacy, and integrity of your customer data in order to protect that trust.


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